Our family of wines is the result of intense colors, fine and elegant aromas, fruity, tasty and fleshy on the palate.


Our wine production project endeavours to recover vine cultivation in Caravaca de la Cruz and produce quality wines using traditional methods. It came to life in 2015 with the birth of VIÑEDOS DE UTOPÍA.

A total of 15 hectares have been planted with Monastrell and Fine Grenache grape varieties, all rain-fed and trained as head-trained bush vines. The vines are young but worked traditionally and organically to achieve the highest quality in the final product, the grape.

The climate on the estate is mainly continental, softened by the influence of the Mediterranean, with long hours of sun and an average accumulated rainfall of 300-400 mm per year. The grapes are grown organically and naturally in these conditions, producing fresh fruit with moderate acidity and alcoholic content. It is a 100% organic product in harmony with the environment where it is grown.